Sales People Sell – Experts Bore People – Which Are You?

Sales people sell by using selling techniques and skills as they follow a process made up of several sales stages.Experts try to sell by using their vast knowledge on a product, service, or industry. You can tell when an expert is selling because they just can’t wait for a chance to show you how much they know about their chosen area of expertise. They bore their prospects with a relentless flow of information, much of which is of no interest to the sales prospect. As the expert continues to present more details the sales prospect’s eyes start to glaze over. Soon the words lose their meaning and the prospect is looking for a way to interrupt, or a reason to escape.How do you spot an expert masquerading as a sales professionalThey see the sales meeting with a prospect as a chance to display how much they know. This can be to make themselves look superior because they believe prospects buy from experts. It can be because they believe prospects want to know everything about a product before they will buy. Some have just got into a pattern of using the same old sales pitch and presenting the same old endless stream of features and benefits. They may as well make a tape of the sales presentation and send it to the customer because each one is identical to the last.An expert is someone who tries to answer an unknown question by presenting all the possible answers and hoping that one of them is right.What do sales professionals do that is differentA sales professional uses words sparingly. They let the buyer talk. For them selling is a two-way process. They know they only have the focus of their prospect for as long as they keep them interested. A sales professional presents the features of a product that the prospect is interested in, and always links the features to the benefits the buyer will gain.Sales people make sure they have used sales questions to discover what the prospect wants. They find the question before presenting an answer. Only when they have the details of the wants, needs, and desires that the prospect has, do they start their sales presentation.How do I stay a sales professional and stop myself becoming an expertTo stay a sales professional, and stop yourself from becoming an expert, you only need to remember one sales tip: Always ask sales questions to establish what it is that the buyer really wants, and then present only the features and benefits that meet their wants.That may sound easy and you probably think that you do that know. But so do many of the sales people I manage and coach. Many sales people don’t have a structure to the sales questioning stage of their sale. They don’t ask enough questions, or they ask random questions with no clear direction. Often I hear a string of closed questions that require a Yes or No answer. This makes the prospect feel like they are being interrogated because there is no train of thought just a barrage of questions.When the sales professional has discovered all the buyer’s needs, wants, and desires, they move to the sales presentation stage. Then they present only the features and benefits that will meet the requirements of the buyer. The sign of a good sales professional is knowing when to stop presenting and close the sale. An expert knows when to start talking, a sales professional knows when to shut up and move on to the next sales stage.The best way to be a sales professional, and stop yourself from becoming a boring expert, is to follow a sales process that uses sales stages to:Have a structure for your sales questions.
Know when to start your sales presentation.
Only present the features and benefits the buyer wants.
Show when to stop the presentation.
Know exactly when and how to close the sale.